Zuckerberg’s Metaverse

959Comment: Zuckerberg is creating a metaverse. This is a digital world that gives a sense of the real, physical presence of a virtual space.

There will be an understanding of the world through touch. A thin robotic skin has already been developed that allows you to create the effect of physical interaction in digital reality, not only to see, but also to touch objects from digital reality.

People will be able to move and communicate regardless of physical distances, schoolchildren will be able to teleport to other countries, epochs, write with the power of thought, and so on.

Zuckerberg wants to create a world in which a billion people will reallocate. Would you like to live in such a world?

My Response: No. I dream of another universe, a spiritual one, where people will migrate not because they will have such particularly sensitive skin and connect themselves to many machines that create reality for them, they will, lying or sitting, imagine that they fly there.

And why?! We must first define the criteria: what happiness means, the meaning of life, what we should lead a person to. And based on these criteria, build universes.

Do we want to give Zuckerberg the opportunity to earn another hundred billion? Let him earn!

Question: Wouldn’t a person be better off in this universe? We see the world around us.

Answer: Of course, he will be better. I’ll put a man in front of the screen. I will give him the opportunity to watch everything he can, everything he wants, and he will exist in it. He won’t want to come out of there. He will be inside it more and more, all the time. And what’s the point? To spend time comfortably?

Comment: Probably, yes, to feel good and just get out of this world.

My Response: Which means, I need a pill that I put under my tongue and it slowly dissolves there for, say, a day, and I feel good. How isn’t it a drug?

There I create some illusions on the screens around me in the room where I am. Here dinosaurs are dancing and there Thumbelina is slaughtering some villain. And then what?

Question: And when you talk about the spiritual reality that you want to create, what do you mean?

Answer: There I rise to the level of the upper force of nature, to the level of the Creator! That’s something entirely different!

Question: So you are giving everyone the opportunity to rise to this level? Is this called spiritual reality?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And if a person starts building something with this thought, is this thought good?

Answer: Sure. It’s not just a thought. It raises and really brings a person to a new reality.

Question: Is it possible to build a virtual reality that meets these thoughts of yours?

Answer: You don’t even have to build it, you have to create it within yourself. Physically, mechanically, technically, or with a computer you can’t create it.

Question: So here it depends on the person. What does he need to do in order to start building the reality that you are talking about, the spiritual one?

Answer: Not to depend on anyone. Turn off your computer. Don’t get involved in these imaginary realities. Busy yourself with your personal entry. Without changing the skin, and in this skin, in which you exist, occupy yourself with entering this real reality. That’s all.

Question: What should a person define in himself? What prevents him from entering this space?

Answer: Lack of inner desire.

Question: Why is it missing?

Answer: This is a question for the Creator.

Question: So he should ask the Creator the question?

Answer: If he needs it.

Question: And if it is not necessary, then it is not necessary?

Answer: Yes. He has his own desires, everything he did in his computers for example.

Question: So you will not be able to force a person into this spirituality?

Answer: I’ve never addressed anyone in that way.

Comment: Zuckerberg will be able to bring people there, he will lure them.

My Response: He will manipulate, and therefore there are many questions for him. And there can’t be many questions for me, I’m not manipulating anyone.

Question: Is this the right approach? Without violence?

Answer: Yes. It depends only on the person.

Comment: Let’s hope that a person will choose a spiritual reality after all.

My Response: But not immediately. This is a spiritual reality. The only one that exists. And our world—what we feel, ordinary people—is not a real reality! This is what is reflected in our artificial egoism. And therefore it will disappear.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/8/21

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