What Does The Inner Arrangement Of A Person Give?

79.01Question: Let’s say a person’s suffering led to the question of the meaning of life. How does he begin to develop the human level in himself?

Answer: If a person really has a real question about the meaning of life, he comes to Kabbalah.

He instinctively senses that somewhere there is a source that can give him the answer to this question. In the process of searching, he stumbles upon various pseudo-sources, the study of which takes from five to twenty years. But in the end he is not satisfied with them and finds the science of Kabbalah.

Question: But a person who studies Kabbalah also lives in society. He is a normal citizen, works, serves in the army, and gets married. How is the right balance established between his spiritual development and everything else?

Answer: Striving for the highest, for comprehending and understanding oneself ,will determine the rest of his life.

He should not be smart; he should not invent how to arrange this life. Without knowing the general laws of nature, he will not be able to equip it better.

And the striving to achieve harmony, to comprehend the upper force, which Kabbalah reveals, this is precisely the inner arrangement that occurs in a person with the study of Kabbalah. His properties, his goals, his aspirations, his changes, all these metamorphoses that he goes through in himself lead him to a state where he is forced to rebuild himself, his attitude to the world, and ultimately to rebuild the world. This state determines everything.

That is, we do not need to deliberately, artificially break something in this world. By changing ourselves, we will gradually change the world around us.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Centaurs” 1/15/10

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