The Signs Of The Zodiac And The Thought Of Creation

740.02Question: In the ancient book The Great Commentary (Midrash Rabbah), it is written that Abraham went out at night to look at the stars and asked himself the question: “Am I ruled by them or is there a higher power that is higher than them? If I am ruled by their power, I need to worship them, and if there is a power that is higher than the stars, I need to reveal it. ”

Are we under the rule of the stars, or is there a power that rules everything?

Answer: The stars are signs. They are called the signs of the zodiac. And signs, as a rule, accompany certain events.

Initially people understood this, but since these signs really accompany various events, then people gradually started to treat them as something that existed independently, that were determining and controlling. Just like in our life there are a huge number of various sources of influence around me, but all of them are controlled from the outside by some higher forces.

If I direct myself correctly in this world, then I pay attention not to how the world treats me, but to the attitude of that higher source, the upper force behind this whole picture through which I receive positive and negative influences. But, in principle, this is the only force that selectively affects me in accordance with a certain plan known only to it.

Therefore, I should not deal with confrontations with people, events, various incidents, natural disasters, or events that constantly arise in life and pass over us. Instead of engaging in these confrontations with society, with the world, and even with myself (meaning with desires and thoughts that arise in me), I must turn everything to the higher force that causes all kinds of processes in me and in my environment and ask the question: “What is it doing all this for? What does it want from me?”

Basically, I ask about the meaning of life: “Is there any goal? Is there a reasonable beginning and a process that is predetermined that leads me to a goal? Is this process controlled from above? Do I need to know this? And what will it give me?”

Believers often say: “There is God, He knows what He is doing. Leave it, let Him work.” So I close my eyes and perform my little actions. I was told that He wants me to do this and that, I will do it and let Him do the rest.

Is it enough that we are such small primitive creatures? Is this required of us by the upper force or does it want to develop us?

A need is born in me to find out why I live: “What is happening in general? Where is this control over me and the whole world? Is it the signs of the zodiac or is it the upper force?”

My whole life obliges me to get acquainted with this higher force and makes me reveal it. This force, the Creator, through its especially negative influence on me compels me to pay attention to Him.

Therefore, we need to rise above the signs of the zodiac, above all kinds of signs and events in our life. Everything that I perceive from inside and outside should not be taken seriously but only as a demonstration of the attitude of the higher force toward me. And why, what for—I do not know.

Maybe He does things that are not entirely pleasant to me, like parents who punish their children so that they eventually begin to behave correctly, and good things perhaps He does so that I treat Him differently. Maybe He is deliberately flirting with me in such a way that I refuse to understand Him and only get carried away by being fulfilled by some pleasure, etc.

That is, I need to understand the thought of creation, what does He want from me?

Question: So, even if I know what will happen in my life, I will still not be able to change anything?

Answer: Never. We see this in all the lessons our history gave us.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Fate and The Book of Zohar” 2/5/10

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