The Book Of Zohar—The Source Of Upper Energy

525Comment: The twentieth century was marked by many fate-altering events. Thus, in the twentieth century, Baal HaSulam revealed The Book of Zohar to our generation and urged everyone to start studying Kabbalah, foreseeing that delaying it would be catastrophic.

He warned that this was indicated in The Book of Zohar, but very few listened. Everyone knows what followed: world war and a hundred million dead.

At first glance, to the uninitiated eye, there is no connection between the disclosure of The Book of Zohar and its impact on the world setting off a chain of events.

My Response: The Book of Zohar is a source of the upper force in this world. It is a bridge through which we can cross from our world to the upper world, a communication channel through which we can contact the Creator. There is no book equal in power to it. Kabbalists have written about this in all ages.

When we started studying The Book of Zohar in the framework of our Kabbalah academies and education centers  (KabU in the US) all over the world, I immediately began receiving letters from people whom I had previously considered spiritually dead. They wrote: “This is so powerful! What’ is happening to me? Why is that?”

The fact is that they began to feel huge changes within themselves. Without understanding anything, without any preliminary preparation, with only some small rudiments of Kabbalistic knowledge, they suddenly began to feel that they were going through very serious states.

The Book of Zohar is a channel of the upper light to our world. We are dealing with serious energy here.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Fate and The Book of Zohar” 2/5/10

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