Biblical Miracles: Myths Or Reality?

514.02Comment: It seems that the miracles described in the Torah are against the laws of nature. These are supernatural things. Can the sea part? Of course there may be tides, but not to that extent.

My Response: Nevertheless, sometimes something happens somewhere somehow. There is no need to pull all sorts of explanations by the ears, as if this is a natural condition or incident. Of course, it was unnatural once, but it happened. It could have.

However, I am not interested in the sea itself or how a group of Jews walked along the bottom of the Red Sea. I am interested in the inner meaning of what is happening. They passed the border exactly between the land of evil and the land of good, between Egypt and the promised land.

Therefore, crossing the Red Sea, the ten Egyptian plagues, and all the rest are not supernatural phenomena. They just happened within the framework of our world at a certain time.

But, in principle, the whole Torah speaks about something else completely—how all of it happens within a person. The Torah generally speaks only about one’s inner world. Egypt, Pharaoh, Moses, the desert, and Mount Sinai, these are all inside a person, in one’s experiences, attainments, and spiritual descents and ascents.

Therefore, I do not try to pull the whole biblical story by the ears and try, like a theater director, to embody it on stage.

Comment: But if these actions took place, then everything else that is written there is also true. After all, a person wants to understand whether this is true or not.

My Response: I am not trying to prove this by lowering the Torah from its spiritual level to an earthly one.

Question: Then what is the truth of what is written there for you?

Answer: The fact is that I myself can rise to this degree and attain it, make this action myself in a spiritual way, in my inner vision, and not in order for it to be embodied again in the crossing of the Red Sea when its waters parted.

Question: So for you, a miracle is a way out of Egypt (egoism), when a person goes beyond his egocentric thoughts, desires?

Answer: Exactly this is the miracle.

Question: It isn’t that some events took place there or could have taken place?

Answer: It doesn’t matter if they could have happened or not. For me the whole story of the Torah is a story of an inner, spiritual ascent of a person from the degree of egoism to the degree of bestowal and love for one’s neighbor.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/30/21

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