Three Types Of Egoism

115.06Question: In Kabbalah, there are three types of egoism. The first is everyday selfishness. The second is the usual relationships between people, their behavior. This kind of egoism manifests itself in those who unite in a group to reveal the Creator.

The third type is egoism that manifests itself directly in relation to the Creator when a person is in connection with the upper force. What is this layer of egoism?

Answer: This is the true egoism of a person. By desiring to rise above one’s natural ego, a person reveals what really is in it. By trying to get out of the boundaries of the ego, a person begins to explore them and realizes that he or she is not able to do it.

Revealing one’s egoism in all its manifestations, a person sees their limitations in sensations, in understanding. This prompts him to rise above the egoistic framework. Right here he needs the science of Kabbalah,  he cannot achieve his ascent without it.

Everyday selfishness is designed to satisfy the natural needs of a person. From the point of view of Kabbalah, this does not even need to be corrected. But egoism that is revealed in order to use another and even enjoy it is the main egoism that a person fights against if he wants to rise above his nature.

Question: When a person is already in spiritual attainment, in connection with the Creator, and wants to use that connection for his own sake, is this also egoism?

Answer: If he rises above himself, he can no longer use egoism for his own sake. It will not work.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/15/21

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