The Choice Is In Favor Of Spiritual Development

557Question: We understand the unification at the level of inanimate elements. For example, we combine hydrogen with oxygen and we get something else—water. And what should happen when people unite sensorially?

Answer: They will complement each other until they are united into a single system called “one soul” or “Adam.” In this state, they will fully accommodate the properties of the Creator.

Question: Is it in this state that there is freedom of choice?

Answer: No. Freedom of choice appears at the very beginning, when we choose that we will follow the path that makes it possible to feel the common soul. Choice is a consequence of what we choose in our relationship with the Creator.

Question: By practicing the Kabbalistic method can we accelerate our spiritual development? And can we somehow influence the earthly, corporeal?

Answer: Corporeal changes can only be a consequence of the spiritual. Through the spiritual, I can influence our earthly life both negatively and positively.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/26/21

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