Diagnosis Of The Current Condition

570Question: What is the benefit to a person from seeing the evidence of a global crisis? If he feels harm in this, he closes his eyes. How should he treat this correctly in order to feel that the awareness of this fact at every moment of time benefits him?

Answer: The fact is that people run away from this question; every second they are stuck in something, they are looking for something to do, like children in games, and that is how, in general, it all ends.

We must try to explain to them that all the tricks (and our life today is one continuous trick, so that we get distracted and do not think about tomorrow) will lead us to breaking all the foundations. And here we will have to radically solve the problem.

Kabbalists talk about an atomic war, about the terrible problems of humanity where a small fraction of people will be able to survive and begin to create a new humanity.

Question: Is there something bright for a person in realizing the current crisis? Something that would give him energy?

Answer: I think that only the spreading of the truth, where we are going, and where we can go. Ultimately, from hopelessness, humanity has already given up and does not even raise its head. It goes the way it goes. It does not understand that it is rushing to a huge “waterfall” and everything that it does will disappear without a trace. There are huge losses ahead.

Kabbalists write that only an insignificant part of humanity will remain that will again sprout on earth and build a new society. This handful of people will realize the evil of egoism and will use completely different tools to create a new society, a new life, a new paradigm.

Question: What is the correct diagnosis of the current condition?

Answer: I would describe it as a disease that has not yet entered its critical state where a person already begins to feel that he is sick, but does not know his diagnosis, cannot determine it and find an effective medicine for it.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 10/19/21

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