Cohens And Levites In Man

560Question: Who are the Levites?

Answer: Levites, as a rule, are teachers, although not only. Among them were tax collectors, and all those who help them are administrators.

Question: What are the Levites in me?

Answer: These are the forces that help you collect all your thoughts, desires, intentions, motives, knowledge, and slowly direct all of them to the intention for the sake of the Creator in all your actions.

Question: Slowly—is this the actual study?

Answer: Yes, gradual learning from easy to difficult. Levites live among the people and teach them. In general, they have many different functions.

Question: What is the Cohen in me?

Answer: The Cohen in me is a point of connection with the Creator. The Levites are those who help me understand how through indirect action I can be connected with the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/13/21

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