The Anti-Aging Cure

537In the News ( In 1965 Jeanne Calment, aged 90, sold her apartment in Arles to her lawyer, Andre-Francois Raffray – a man half her age. It was a viager deal, and Raffray agreed to pay her 2,500 francs (about $500) per month. But Calment went on to become the world’s oldest living person, dying 32 years later at the age of 122.

“Raffray himself died two years before her, on Christmas Day 1995.

“‘On the same day, Jeanne Calment, now listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s oldest person at 120, dined on foie gras, duck thighs, cheese and chocolate cake at her nursing home near the sought-after apartment in Arles, northwest of Marseilles in the south of France,’ the New York Times reported, a few days after Raffray’s death.

“‘She need not worry about losing income. Although the amount Mr Raffray already paid is more than twice the apartment’s current market value, his widow is obligated to keep sending that monthly check. If Mrs Calment outlives her, too, then the Raffray children and grandchildren will have to pay.’

“‘In life, one sometimes makes bad deals,’ Mrs Calment said on her birthday last Feb 21.”

Comment: She outlived the lawyer and his family continued to pay her 2,500 francs per month for two more years. She died at the age of 122.

My Response: Not bad. Precisely due to the fact that she signed such an agreement? 🙂

Comment: Maybe. 🙂 Maybe it kept her going.

As a new study shows, after the age of 108, in a statistical sense we stop aging. This sheds some light on the aging mechanism itself. Some animals, such as mussels, do not age at all. Gerontologists say: “We are about to discover the anti-aging cure.”

My Response: I had a friend who died at the age of 106. He lived not far from me. When I saw him and asked: “How are you?” he would say: “You know, I am tired of living.” And he would walk dragging his feet along the sidewalk. He used to walk a lot.

Question: And dragged his life along with him?

Answer: Yes. He was set financially, in every way everything was fine. He was just tired.

Question: So you are saying scientists don’t need to research this?

Answer: What for? Let a man live out his 70 years. I think that in general this is a decent number. You just have to live them well, normally, and then lie down quietly and not wake up. Like that, nice!

Comment: That is a good ending, of course. The ending of the righteous, they say.

My Response: It is said so: 60 years or in special cases 70. That’s it.

Comment: But many will disagree with you.

My Response: Let them disagree, but this is what is written.

Question: So, actually, this science is not needed. What should a person proceed from?

Answer: From the fact that one can still feel life actively and can still bring some benefit to those around him or her. Not that he will be looked after and that’s it. I would surely not want to wake up.

Question: When you say “benefit to others,” what do you mean?

Answer: That there are people who are happy that this person lives.

Question: And then he will live?

Answer: Yes.

Question: That is beautiful. Will this bring him and others happiness?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And the moment it is not possible?

Answer: What is there to live for? To keep this animal alive? For what? You descend to the level of an animal (the body is an animal) and only think about its existence. And it exists not even like an animal any more but more like a plant.

Question: And if a person finds a goal in life that stimulates him all the time?

Answer: That is a whole different thing! Then he lives for this goal, exists for that purpose. But he must create. To create means that he brings something useful and new to the world.

Question: What do you mean by that?

Answer: Improving relations between people, this is the most important thing. What else could there be?

Question: And then he feels alive and is able to keep going?

Answer: Yes. Because then he really brings goodness and innovation into the world. This not only prolongs his life, it perpetuates him. That is, it puts him above humanity because he thinks about it all the time.

Question: It turns out that he is beyond life?

Answer: Beyond life, of course. This is a worthy way to get old. And everyone can do it.

Question: Does he age while doing so or not?

Answer: Physiologically, of course he ages. But everything he does, his soul remains in people.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/30/21

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