A Remedy For Loneliness

294.4Question: Is it possible to heal loneliness?

Answer: Yes. Loneliness is actually a blessing, but we just need to make sure that loneliness doesn’t lead us to all sorts of unnecessary and undesirable consequences. Because if lonely people suffer from their loneliness, they are ready to do anything. They can become radical extremists and so on, and they can also engage in drug abuse and commit suicide.

We need to look at different kinds of loneliness. If it is intellectual loneliness, it is a blessing for a person and for humanity. If it is not intellectual but scientific, it can also be a blessing, although today’s science is conducted increasingly more in groups. But if it is psychiatric, psychological loneliness, it should be looked into and we need to help a person balance it somehow.

Everything depends on whether a person feels comfortable being lonely. When my loneliness is invaded, it is very hard for me. I can stand a person for a while and then I can’t do it anymore. I need to leave, to retire, to be by myself, to be alone.

Question: What is correct loneliness?

Answer: Correct loneliness is that which leads to one’s internal development.

I understand a person as an entity, each one spends part of his time totally on his own, inside himself, contemplating and reflecting on different matters. He spends a small part of his time with others. On the whole he “lies” when he is with others, and tries to make a certain impression and thus acts and presents a different person, not himself.

How can a person not be lonely? It is possible to make him not feel lonely if you educate him correctly. It is possible to educate a person at any age. It means that you need to show him that he can gain from the right form of loneliness.

If he understands that only by the right connection with another person can he reveal the upper world, transcend the boundaries of life and death, of his own existence, it already sounds enticing.

Question: What does the right connection with another come down to and how can it be attained?

Answer: The right connection is when one person seemingly dwells in another. This is what is referred to by “make your desire the desire of another.” By doing so, when I exit myself and dwell in another, which means that I begin to work on the desires of another and to fill them instead of filling my own desires, by using my whole physical and creative potential in order to fill another, I seemingly move to dwell in him. I seemingly begin to feel that life flows through him.

This is a totally different life; this is spiritual life. Why is it spiritual if it is a person like me? It is because I become another by trying to feel him instead of myself, which means that I exit myself. It is as if my body dies, and I with all my intellect move to dwell inside him. This is where a person can exit his own body.

Question: Can it be any other person, like a donor, in order to feel that I am alive, happy and fulfilled?

Answer: Yes. By moving to dwell in another you roam in a totally different space.

Question: And this is the remedy for loneliness?

Answer: It is not only the remedy for loneliness, but the remedy for death. It is a remedy that makes you immortal, in order to attain perfection and to ascend above yourself, above your ego.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/27/19

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