Our Romance With The Creator

289Comment: Lyuda writes to you: “I decided to write to you after a year and a half of watching your clips. Everyone considers me a good, sympathetic, kind person, but I suddenly discovered that there is not an ounce of love in me.

The person closest to me is suffering and I do not feel his pain. I play at being compassionate, but I do not have it in me. I do not want to be like this, I do not feel good about being like this. I am afraid to admit it to others, and I am writing to you, signing with an alias, Lyuda.”

My Response: Maybe she just has grown up. When we grow up, then, as it is written in Ecclesiastes: “He who increases knowledge, increases pain.”

Question: Does it mean that her knowledge about who a person is has increased?

Answer: Just the recognition of life as an unhappy existence in a terrible, bad state called “egoism.” She is suffering from it, and this is already a good thing.

Question: How can she not suffer?

Answer: To use correctly, productively, negative feelings toward her state in order to rise from this state to a higher one.

Question: What is the higher state? She feels that she does not have compassion for the person closest to her.

Answer: To rise to a higher state means to have more compassion, to be closer to people. To try to develop the correct attitude toward them, that is, kindness, up to love, and so on.

Question: Is the fact that she writes “I do not have a single gram of love in me” kind of a start?

Answer: Of course. This is very good.

Question: So, a person starts from this. Then tell me, how can a person come to love? You say, “She should be kinder, she should love.”

Answer: No, I am not talking about that. She cannot do it herself, so we cannot impose on her any other states. We can only advise her of a few techniques by which she will be able to change these states within herself. Not directly.

A person cannot do that, a person is not the Creator. He cannot switch some switches in himself and suddenly feel compassion and suddenly love. This is not us. But we can indirectly invite upon ourselves the upper light, the upper energy, the upper influence, and it will correct us, and change us.

Question: Does it mean that from the realization that “there is not an ounce of love in me” suddenly she will feel that there is love in her? From the state that she has no compassion for a loved one at all, will she feel that she has it?

Answer: Yes. In addition, she will begin to explore her attitude to the world, to people, to everything, and eventually to the Creator, who, in principle, is the source of all her conceptions about the world. That is, everything that she actually sees in the world, inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature and people, will eventually connect within her into the image of the Creator, that is, the upper force that projects for her such a state.

Question: Are you saying that it is the Creator who evokes this feeling in her?

Answer: Yes! It is written about this that there is none else besides Him.

Question: Does He do it in order for her to understand what real compassion is and what real love is?

Answer: This is not a goal, this is only a means to attain the Creator, His purpose, why He creates such images in us. Why should we see inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human nature around us? Why are they around us in this way, influencing us, forcing us to be in interaction with them? For what?

Question: But if we try to stay closer to the letter, then why are these feelings, I do not love, I do not have compassion, awakened in me?

Answer: So that through all these influences we will attain their root, the Creator. All these influences have one single root, source, and cause. This cause wants you to attain it, to come closer to it.

Question: What will happen then? Is this some kind of invitation from the Creator to attain Him?

Answer: He invites you on a date with Him. It is easy for Him.

Question: If a person decides and goes on a date, what will he get from it?

Answer: I will teach her. I am here as an intermediary, a matchmaker, one might say, between this woman and the Creator.

Question: Are you talking about yourself? Can you teach her how to go on this date, how to behave?

Answer: This is my profession.

Question: What will it give her?

Answer: What do we want when we want to love, to become acquainted, to get to know another person? We want to reveal our relationship. That is, as much as possible the feelings of one for the other, to explore ourselves, why we are like this, and to feel the other, why he is like that. I would say that a very interesting romance appears here between a person and the Creator.

Question: As a result, does a person attain what he wants to attain?

Answer: Love arises! And it is the biggest, the greatest, the most selfless, and the most important thing. The one that reveals absolutely everything. It turns out that everything in the world was created just for the two of you. For the two of you! This is the only reason for the existence of our world.

It turns out that there is only this person and the Creator. No one else.

Question: Can we say this about eight billion people? Can each one say “There is me and the Creator”? Is this how this meeting with the Creator should happen for everyone? Should everyone attain this love?

Answer: Yes. In a very personal way.

Comment: This is an incredible computer! Everyone has their own program!

My Response: What is complicated about this? This is the way a person reveals it. And everything else in the world is just for him. An infinite number of all kinds of variations, everything that exists, is specifically aimed at him.

Comment: Everything he sees, everything that happens, everything he reads in the newspapers, or hears…

My Response: Everything! This is the way they write a script when they need to bring this character somewhere, to some changes in him and in others, and so on. Exactly in the same way!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/11/21

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