World Kindness Day

627.2Comment: World Kindness Day was celebrated on November 13th. According to a study by researchers, people who do good deeds every day feel better physically, feel their life more harmonious, have better immunity, get sick less, and live longer. Finally, responsiveness is accompanied by uplifting, the hormone serotonin is produced, which regulates our mood.

My Response: Kindness presupposes such an attitude toward another.

Comment: This was the first time this day was introduced in Japan, in Tokyo. And indeed there is such a warm attitude toward each other.

My Response: Warning, I would say.

Question: Why can’t we treat each other like that? We kind of invite you to do good deeds: this will make you feel good physically. Why don’t we invite you to do good deeds, because the other will be fine, the other will be happy, he will feel warm, wonderful? Can’t you get to that level? Or is it possible?

Answer: No, it is impossible in a natural way. In a supernatural is possible. Our nature will not allow us to treat each other kindly, you see. Give me examples of kindness to each other in the world. Only between relatives to some extent. And that’s all.

Comment: But there is friendship.

My Response: But only when a person needs it. Here’s the problem, am I kind to others because they need it or because I need it? If I need it, then it is not considered that I am doing good. I do something because I need it.

Comment: But for many people it is hidden. A person has a feeling that he is doing it for the sake of others.

My Response: Yes, I understand. We do not even give a report about this. But in fact, real kindness should be against its will. I must overcome myself and do good to others. Then it’s really kindness.

Question: That is, I don’t think for a second that it’s good for my health, for my mood?

Answer: I think that nothing will come of it, but I just want to make such a gesture of goodwill to someone else. Otherwise it is not kindness. Otherwise, something just presses on me and I want to get rid of the internal pressure.

Question: And I feel better when I do good to another. And this “I feel better” is ahead?

Answer: Of course. This is the reason.

Question: Will we ever get to this ideal definition of kindness?

Answer: No. We will never reach it with our nature. It will be necessary to rise above our nature, when we are convinced that we simply cannot exist for so long, we eat each other, fangs will suddenly begin to grow, the jaw will become larger.

Question: Will it be revealed to us that we are not doing good?

Answer: Not only. It will be revealed to us that we are only doing evil to each other precisely in those actions that before seemed good to us. And then we will have to really remake ourselves. It will be necessary to create in ourselves such an internal tool for analyzing our motives and intentions, which will show us exactly what we really want: ourselves or others, good or evil.

Question: That is, one way or another, the start will be from this negative point?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it possible to move positively?

Answer: This is not in our nature! What can be done? It is said about this: “Go to the Creator who created you.” And we will go to the Creator. We will go and beg that we really want against our will, against our nature, in which He created us, to be different, to be kind to others. And then He will gladly do it.

Question: That is, by the same token that He turns us around like this, turns us around now, He wants us to turn to Him?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/8/21

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