Does War Between American And China Await Us?

448.10In the News (Le Figaro): “‘Indo-Pacific: Washington and Beijing fear that a miscalculation will set the world ablaze’ The arms race that accompanies competition between the United States and China in the region increases the risk of military slippage. …

“It worries them, but they can’t do anything about it. Asian countries are watching the dialogue between the blind and the deaf with horror. They don’t know how to maintain a trusting relationship with both opponents, who have already grabbed knives.”

My Response: We understand that what is written in the newspapers is being done by someone specifically to increase ratings, or who is paid to do so, and so on.

Neither America nor China is interested in a serious war with each other. The fact is that there is no point in waging war today. For what? There is such a wave of extensive global crisis that will wash away everything! It’s like a tsunami. And therefore there is no point in rushing into the water before that, when such a wave is coming at you. Therefore I don’t think it’s serious.

Question: Then where is the real tension?

Answer: The real tension is not between the military and not between countries. There is a real tension between us and nature. Because winter is coming, there will be all kinds of huge natural disasters. This is the problem. It is necessary to survive the winter properly and well.

The government should think about it. And they do think because the ratings and elections and everything else depend on it. So everyone is worried, concerned, that this winter will not bring all kinds of tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, snow storms, and everything else.

Comment: So now you’ve kind of brought us back to the old years when we were worried about cold winters. We weren’t worried for a while, everything was fine. Suddenly now nature has begun to press us.

My Response: Yes! There’s nothing you can do. It used to be our weakness. Nature didn’t press us particularly; we just didn’t have much strength to oppose ourselves to the changes of nature. And now nature is starting to work with us.

Question: Is our main task to establish a dialogue with nature?

Answer: Yes! This is the most important thing. Nature will not leave us alone until we become different. Then to the extent of this, it will change.

Question: You keep saying that we should come to good connection and so on, and nature will change toward us. Does it tell us this somehow?

Answer: Very simply. There is still, vegetative, animal, and human nature. Human nature is at its peak, at the last, fourth stage. And all the other stages of nature depend on it. If we bring ourselves more or less to some kind of balance at our level, in this case we will calm down all the steps below accordingly. In Kabbalistic books everything is written very simply, openly, clearly, and dozens of times.

Question: That positive force exists only in nature?

Answer: Yes. And after all a person can change all this. He causes imbalance and can cause balance.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/4/21

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