The Object of Research Is Man

214The problem of modern science is that we have reached a threshold where we can feel, supplement, and control our senses. This is why all scientists say that science has reached its limits.

And Kabbalah says that in our five senses we have practically reached the limit, that we cannot see anything beyond it anymore. We do not need to invent new devices that can only slightly expand our sensory organs but expand the senses themselves.

Science cannot do this because it deals only with mechanical addition to a person. We need to change man himself, to develop him a little from the inside. This is what Kabbalah does.

Therefore, we come to the conclusion that Kabbalah should replace sciences as their continuation, and give an answer to how to expand the limits of our attainment and come to a state where we can develop a person so that one attains greater depths of nature.

In Kabbalah, the object of study is man himself. He can measure his changes by his own instruments, which are inside and not outside of him.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation about Science”

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