In Similarity To Nature

271The method of integral management is necessary for people who are wondering how we can successfully manage our life, the world, family, schoolchildren, workers at an enterprise, ministries, the state, any structure.

First of all, we need to organize this structure so that it fully corresponds to the general structure of nature, according to the law of similarity to it.

And then it will already be clear that all the management does not come from the authorities, from top to bottom, in a straight line, head to head, as they say. This is not the method of a stick, a forceful approach, but a method of teaching the collective a system of similarity to nature within which solutions are developed that are similar to nature in its own properties and laws. In the decision-making process, the collective transforms itself, and then implements the decisions made.

Humanity is in a state where problems cannot be solved by forceful methods, and therefore crises arise. The collective must decide everything in the way of nature.

At the same time, we will integrate with nature since our decisions, correspondences, inconsistencies, and all our movements in the collective will bring us deeper and deeper into nature itself. We will, as it were, penetrate into it, feel its integrality and globality more and more, and feel all of humanity. Thus nature will force humanity to become similar to it.
From KabTV’s “The Science of Management”

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