Every Stage—From Zero

237The Torah and the book of Prophets constantly repeat what was said, because at each stage you must start a correction, as it were, anew, but on a different level.

The most important thing in attaining spiritual levels is that at all stages you constantly connect the beginning with the end and the end with the beginning.

Comment: You keep saying not to look back.

My Response: But this does not mean that you are looking back. You take the entire past stage and reveal all the phases, the beginning, and the end in it. The next stage also starts from zero, as it were.

Zero is like the embryo of a new state. The more you pass, the more you reveal that initial zero.

Question: That is, at each stage, I am an embryo, right?

Answer: Of course. Otherwise, you will not attain it, you will not understand it.

This is actually a wonderful system! The one who begins to feel it sees what a divine creation it is!
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/30/21

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