Rising To Absolute Love

544We feel how the coarseness of the egoistic desire (Aviut) is being revealed between us in the ten. This is only a small part of the rejection, hatred, and distance that really exists between us.

Only a small fraction of this hatred is revealed to us, the fraction that we can overcome. The more distant we naturally feel in relation to each other and the extent despite that we draw close and unite in one heart despite that, the bigger our spiritual Kli will be.

Our distancing is our Yesod, the foundation of the Partzuf. And connecting in some desires, despite the resistance, is the inner part of the Partzuf where we can work together in receiving for the sake of bestowal relative to the Creator. This is how we build the head and body of the spiritual Partzuf.

Everything is built on the fact that there is a great desire to receive pleasure that divides us, a huge hatred, like with the disciples of Rabbi Shimon in whom hatred flared up more and more every day. But they overcame it, united over this hatred, and thus they built the body of the Partzuf and an appeal to the Creator, that is, the head.

In this form, they began to practically reveal the qualities of the Creator, building their spiritual Partzuf, and climbing the steps of the ladder.

With each step, distance and hatred, unity and love grow, as well as similarity to the Creator, the common power of love. This is how we rise until we correct ourselves to perfect, absolute love.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/1/20, “Work with Faith Above Reason”

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