First Steps In Spirituality

595.06The whole work of man in this world and in all the worlds is to draw near to the Creator. We climb the spiritual ladder through 125 degrees, five worlds that each contain five Partzufim, each with five Sefirot. 125 Sefirot separate the lowest state from the highest.

Part of this work is done during the preparation time in this world and part of it takes place in the upper worlds. It depends on the type of soul, on how much effort it needs to invest in this world and in the spiritual world, but the work is to constantly strive to get closer to the Creator.

And all this is despite the resistance of our egoistic desire to enjoy and the feeling that as we move closer, we feel further away from the Creator. The ego is growing and I feel even more distant from the group and the friends. But that is why I have more opportunities to make an effort and advance with the group and the ten.

Gradually, we begin to realize that the ten does not exist in isolation but depends on other tens. Being in ascent or descent depends on the environment. The environment affects a person, and one ten is affected by all other tens. Therefore, we must think of how to elevate and inspire them all.

Our task is to get closer to the Creator and the main unit for this work is the ten. Therefore, all tens should influence each other and feel our interdependence.

The spiritual work consists of raising the Shechina from the dust, that is, restoring the connection between us, the common soul of Adam HaRishon. It was broken into pieces, and we need to raise the Shechina from the dust through our own efforts and by asking the Creator for the power of unification to bring the broken Kelim closer together despite all their differences and the resistance of our egoism.

The Creator pushes us further and further away, hardens our hearts, and plunges us into darkness. But this is a consequence of the breaking of Adam HaRishon that has already happened, and we need to work on it every time and unite above the separation.

The Creator reveals to us an ever greater fall and we need to rise to even greater unity. And once again, we fall even lower and unite even more—egoism and holiness grow against each other. Ascents get higher each time, but this is due to the fact that descents get deeper. Therefore, the greater the person, the greater is his ego, his broken desire.

After the last congress, we feel less inspired, strive for the Creator less than during the Congress. And this means that the Creator has distanced Himself so that from this state we take a step toward Him, like a child being taught to walk. How can we take this serious, conscious step toward each other and the Creator today?
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/16/20, “Close to the Creator During a Descent”

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