Connection With The Creator

283.02A person’s attitude to the Creator is never simple because love and fear are always intertwined in it. On one hand I feel a great difference between our degrees and full control of the upper one over me. Since I am still within my egoism, I naturally try to adhere to Him egoistically.

Even if I change my attitude, I still remain dependent on Him and not free. This is why I feel animal fear. After all, I am His creation; the first word is always His, and the last word is also His. This is such dependence and control that we do not even fully recognize it, like little children who do not notice the control of their parents.

How, with all of this dependence, can I still acquire freedom of choice and freedom of action in order to have the right to say that in my devotion to the Creator I am the first and I am the last? Otherwise this connection cannot be called free if I adhere to Him as a slave to the master.

This is why we are given the Torah, to receive from the Creator strength and definitions in order to form the correct attitude toward Him. We cannot know the very essence of the Creator, but we study our connections and relationships with Him and better and better imagine this upper force that created us. By the actions of the Creator upon us and the whole world, upon the entire human society, we know His mind and feelings, the force that created everything.

Therefore our connection with the Creator consists of two components: the Torah and the work. In this way we build the image of the Creator within ourselves and bring our qualities to an ever-increasing similarity to this upper force that is unknown to us.

We as if collect all the qualities opposite to Him that we have discovered, and transform them into the opposite ones in order to arrange them in the correct form. Since they are shattered, we need to connect them correctly. From the obtained result, we will understand that this is the Creator, His essence, His form, His attitude toward us.

Through correcting the shattering we begin to understand from all its fragments what has shattered here and how to correct it, i.e., to connect, and what connection and dependence should be between all the parts so that they complete each other. In this mutual completing of each other, we reveal the divine wisdom so that in thought one part is connected with the other.

It is enough to look at our universe, how huge and contradictory it is, the shattering that we can see in it, and at the same time the connection, the dependence of one on the other. All this is one integral system in which nothing can be added or subtracted in any fragment, in any atom, or in any action.

At the moment it seems to us fragmented, but if we correct our mind and feelings, we will be able to assemble the entire universe into one system the way it really is: one desire and one force that is inside this desire. Then we will find ourselves in the state that existed before the shattering, which is called “He and His name are one.”

He is the light, the upper force of bestowal and love, that dwells in His name, that is, in the vessel, in the desire created by Him, which acquires the form of light, the quality of the Creator. Although the desire itself is opposite to the Creator, it works in the same direction, in the same inclination for unity as the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/2/21, Writings of Baal HaSulam, Shamati #45 “Two Discernments in the Torah and in the Work”

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