We Should Take An Example From The Paralympians

600.04Question: The Paralympic Games in Tokyo ]recently ended. You look at tennis players without legs, shooters without arms, jumpers on prosthetics, basketball players in wheelchairs, and at the same time you read the stories of them overcoming themselves.

What do such games give them and what do they give to the world?

Answer: This gives them and the world the opportunity to show that a person can overcome any obstacles and live a full life, and even win.

We need to learn from them—to have a goal, to overcome difficulties and to achieve this goal.

Question: When you set a goal for yourself and move toward it, do you have any examples?

Answer: I have my teacher! I take everything from him.

Question: I do not draw parallels with these games, but can we say that your teacher was in such a state that it was simply impossible to rise, and did he rise? Did you see that?

Answer: Yes! This is in Kabbalah at every step if you want. That is how a person should live.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/2/21

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