Me, The Group, The Creator

624.07Question: Does asking of the Creator mean asking of the friends?

Answer: No. Asking the Creator and asking the friends is not the same thing. The Creator is not a friend. We say: “Me, the group, the Creator,” which means that I must connect these three parameters and try to see that they are interdependent.

Imagine that just how you establish relationships with the friends, you also establish a relationship with the Creator. You need the force of bestowal in order to establish the right relations with the friends, and I ask the Creator for this force.

First, I must connect to the Creator, but I do not have the power to do it, and so I turn to the Creator (1) in order to receive the power to connect (2) from Him.

It makes no difference how I turn to the Creator, but I need this force in order to connect to the friends, because without it, I will not be able to establish any connection with them. I am a individualist and I do not want any connection with anyone. People who reach the wisdom of Kabbalah are absolute individualists.

My request from the Creator is to receive the power to unite with the group (3) from Him. With this power I turn to the group, receive its influence, and thus find the Creator. This is how it works (green line in the drawing).

First I use the Creator in order to have the power to connect, and then I already discover it as the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/13/19

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