PTSD And The Purpose Of Life

961.2Question: In April this year, Itzik Saidyan, a 26-year-old disabled soldier, set himself on fire in front of the Israeli Ministry of Defense Rehabilitation Department. This event has awakened public discourse and brought up awareness of those suffering from PTSD and other emotional trauma. Many of these people feel that they are invisible because their handicap cannot be seen.

Let us say that same person would meet you a few moments before he goes to set himself on fire. What would you say to him?

Answer: I would tell him that human life has a much greater purpose than what he can even imagine. Even when one finds oneself in this difficult state, eternal, whole, perfect, and joyous states can be reached.

Question: Many people among us are suffering from trauma on one level or another. How can we act, as a society, to strengthen them and give them hope?

Answer: We have no other choice but to learn how to approach and reach out to them, to listen and explain the process that a person must go through. In this way we can help them reach the truth.

Question: What is the truth Dr. Laitman?

Answer: The truth is that each one of us exists under the general plan of nature and every situation we go through, is all predetermined within it. If we can come to agree and discover the fact that this is how things are, this will give us great satisfaction.

Question: Can one rise from this shattered rock bottom state?

Answer: Yes, for the general correction of man brings him to a state where he rises above himself and is included in the perfection and harmony of nature.

Question: What allows him to grasp eternity and perfection when he is at rock bottom?

Answer: Precisely that this care and understanding, is all that one has left in order to prevent “being buried alive ” so as to heal these traumatic and post-traumatic situations. And in general, all events in a person’s life can be changed because we all go through such traumas in life, with the reason being that everyone needs this to push us into changing.

We only need to understand that the correct care is that we rise above our current nature to that of bestowal, love, and connection.

Question: Is this the remedy for everything?

Answer: There is no other remedy!

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