Keep Yourself In Balance

751.1Question: A person does not see himself as a part of nature. This perception is hidden from him. He does not understand that he is one with the biosphere and that by perfecting his physical form he is perfecting the biosphere. Therefore, people have no motivation to do physical exercise and they stop doing anything at all.

How can a person change his worldview to see that he is one with nature, a part of this natural creation that can keep improving itself? How can we give him such motivation?

Answer: The science of Kabbalah explains that we are a part of nature, its most developed, egoistic part. We want to subjugate nature and use it in the greatest egoistic desire. As a rule, this does not benefit us, especially in the long run, although sometimes we see that we supposedly derive immediate benefits from using nature egoistically.

The most important thing for us is to be in balance with nature. Everything that the body is supposed to get, try to give it quantitatively and qualitatively in the form it needs, at the same time understanding that the same harm will come if we did not give it enough. That is, excess is the same poison as lack of nutrients. We must learn to keep ourselves in balance.

Question: Regrettably, there are no norms in medicine defining how much a person should move, how much and what to eat. There is complete freedom: if you want, move; if you want, do not move; if you want, eat; if you want, do not eat. What do you think?

Would it be good to have a canonical norm from nature that people could guide themselves by?

Answer: There really is no such norm. But Kabbalah says that if a person thinks about his spiritual and physical development in such a way that they complement each other, he will find this golden mean.

Question: That is, we have a certain navigator inside that is dormant for the time being?

Answer: Yes. If we treat it soberly, treat it normally, we will begin to feel it.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 7/29/21

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