Two Sides Of Laziness

956Question: There is a physiological phenomenon in human nature of laziness, which underlies our egoism, to gain comfort through less effort.

People who follow this path accumulate wealth or some kind of knowledge that they do not use in real life. A person striving for comfort, as a result ceases to be physically active and begins to be lazy. The good, which one strives to, to do nothing and to have everything, becomes a harm for oneself. Nature immediately punishes one through the body.

What is your attitude toward physical activity at any age? Do you support this?

Answer: I was a jogger when I was a teenager. Now I support physical activity in all its forms, something that is convenient and close to each of us. At least long walks. They are a must.

The matter is that laziness is good when it warns us against some excesses in our work so we do not spoil something in the world. After all, many of our actions, mainly in nature, harm it. Therefore, laziness is a defensive reaction of our nature, which helps us not to harm the world too much.

Regarding ourselves, we do not need to get too carried away with sports and all sorts of Olympic affairs, but we should do everything only for the sake of health, refreshment, and long life.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 7/29/21

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