The Way The Creator Raises Us

231.02Question: Does a person who is in the spiritual world that has revealed the force called Balaam (serpent) understand why this absolutely incredible metamorphosis happens in him?

Answer: He feels and understands that negative qualities are revealed in him: this is Balaam, and this is Pharaoh, this is Balak, and this is Haman, and so on. He knows exactly what quality is being manifested in him at the time.

These are high degrees to which a person advances as if on two legs, left and right, and moves forward. He corrects the unfolding egoism and rises above it. Then egoism is revealed in him again, and he rises above it again.

Comment: It turns out that a Kabbalist, by ascending higher and higher, reveals something more, even that which we may not know in our egoism: where the serpent is, where Balaam is.

My Response: Of course if we are only at the level of our world, then this serpent has nothing to do with us. Talk to people. They do not feel like they are egoists! And if so, then these are everyday, generally accepted toys: robbing, killing, and deceiving.

This is not the egoism with which we work in the spiritual world. A completely different form of egoism is there. We have no idea what it could be. It seems to us that egoism exists only between us in our earthly relationships.

But the real egoism is directed against the Creator. The real egoism is when I want to enslave the Creator, use Him, like in the fairy tale “The Fisherman and the Golden Fish,” “She wants you to be her own servant, to follow her commands and her errands.”

The Creator, on one hand, plays with us through the serpent, and on the other hand, directly through himself. As a result, He allows us to play with him as an adult plays with a child and the child as if uses him.

But He does this so that the child receives properties and forces from Him, then again falls into egoism, and by absorbing it, he grows.

This is a good theatrical action that you have to go through. This is what we live for. It makes a person out of you because you begin to include within you, not our world, but two huge spiritual forces: the light and the force opposite to it. By correctly combining them in you, you acquire the form of the Creator. Therefore, man, Adam, is translated as “similar to the Creator.” This is the state we must achieve.

And the serpent Balaam and all these negative qualities, everything that we go through in this world, help us in this. We just need to know how to work with them correctly.

And if, while studying Kabbalah, we have additional opportunities, then to this extent even greater negative properties will be revealed in us. We will know who the serpent is: Balaam, Pharaoh. All the properties will be revealed in us and we will rise above them and become spiritual.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #16

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