An Exciting Adventure Given In This World

37If I am ready for bestowal to the upper without any conditions and reject all doubts, then I have reached the state of a spiritual embryo. I want to annul all my criticism. After all, the embryo receives nutrition with the mother’s blood through the umbilical cord without any way to control this filling and no mind or feelings to check it.

No one asks him whether he wants this filling or some other; he simply completely annuls himself and receives all the nourishment from the upper.

This is an example of how we should be in spirituality—receive everything that the upper gives. But what about our egoism, the desire to enjoy? Whether we want it or not, we need to accept this whole world—simply in the form of a fetus.

Everything that I feel in my senses is the upper and I am obliged to accept, justify, and bless it so that there is nothing but the Creator who determines everything. Instead of this whole world, I should see one upper force, and this will mean that I have entered the state of a spiritual embryo.

And then my egoism will grow more and more during the nine months of pregnancy and development from Malchut to Keter. And on top of this growing desire to receive, I have to annul myself more and more and take on a new form above all criticism.

Criticism indicates that the embryo has grown and gained intelligence and feelings. But he annuls all this in order to receive more and more blood from the upper through the umbilical cord. All nine months of the development of the embryo before the spiritual birth are only self-annulment, self-annulment, and self-annulment with respect to the whole world. After all, the whole world is the Creator in relation to whom we annul ourselves. And it is impossible to cope without an environment.

This is an exciting adventure given to us in this world. There is nothing else to do in this world except annul ourselves relative to the upper so that he will raise us. Thus, we will leave the animal framework and enter the human framework, which we define ourselves. After all, the upper gave us an opportunity; we annul ourselves before Him and begin to grow.

Once we were one soul, which then shattered. Therefore, by working on connection in the ten, we are essentially working on the entire global Kli of Adam HaRishon because it is broken only relative to us. It only seems to us that it is broken.

Therefore, it is not terrible that we do not understand how to achieve the form of bestowal. The common Kli affects each of us and all of us together and from us shapes the soul, that is, a form similar to the Creator despite the fact that it is based on the desire to receive.

The point of the spiritual embryo is complete annulment of my desire to receive. And then, in the place where I restrict and annul myself, I begin to feel the opposite side of this point, which is the Creator. And then this point sticks to the wall of the uterus of the upper and allows me to continue to develop in the form of bestowal.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/4/21, “Ibur (Impregnation) and Yenika (Nursing)”

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