Take Into Account The Interests Of Nature

294.1Question: In works on management, two points are not taken into account: the interests of nature in itself, and the very nature of man. Perhaps spiritual management built on principles of Kabbalah somehow prescribe this. How do we take into account the interests of nature so that we do not completely ruin it and do not follow the path of suffering?

Answer: We can no longer play with nature. Previously, we could do whatever we wanted with it, but only until humanity reached its maximum egoistic development.

And now we must transform ourselves into a semblance of nature. Otherwise we will not be able to work with it. We will not be able to make mistakes anymore because our mistakes will be immediately visible.

Today we see that we are not successful in anything—not the state, no one, and nothing since selfish decisions are no longer governing. They are just a disclosure of our mistakes.

Until we switch to altruistic control, we will not achieve anything. Therefore, you just need to create a ten and engage in it to unite people into one single whole.

In this case, a semblance of the general integral nature will appear in the ten. In it, we will study in a psychological, integral form how much we can or cannot approach each other, and how our egoistic nature, on the one hand, pushes us away from each other, and on the other hand, obliges us to overcome these distances between us.

Without studying these states, we will not be able to control objects, including large ones, because they will always and in everything selfishly move away from each other.

After all, what is the management problem? I give some signals and then there are people who are generally not connected with each other. As a result, we will have to create such a ten that would be able to implement this unification program and thus spell out all the decisions.

Such a team will be able to solve a huge number of management issues. In practice, this will be the next level of government, enterprise, and family management, everywhere, because the correct recommendations will be issued.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference About the Science Of Management”

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