Two Powers: Mordecai And Haman

232.05Question: Two powers are described in the “Scroll of Esther”: Mordecai and Haman. What do they represent?

Answer: Mordecai is the power of Bina, the property of bestowal, love, and connection. Haman is an egoistic force, the property of separation and destruction. But neither force can act without the other.

Their correct combination is necessary in order to bring all of humanity to its complete, ideal state when, on one hand, all egoistic forces exist in their terrible form, and on the other hand, they are ruled by the power of connection, the power of love.

Then both forces, negative and positive, work together for all of humanity, like electric forces, plus and minus, work in a motor or in some kind of machine. Thus, we need to understand how we should act.

Question: That is, each force has its own function. But why, then, does the scroll say that the power of Haman is destroyed?

Answer: The fact is that there are still many nuances here. It is not force that is destroyed, but the egoistic intention, how to use force correctly.

Question: Is Haman the intention to receive for oneself and not the desire to receive itself?

Answer: Intention for your own sake. The desire to receive is neutral, it is nature itself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States, Purim – The Inner Meaning of the Holiday”

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