The Whole World Is The Revelation Of The Creator

423.02Question: How often is the light on in your “basement”? What is the internal feeling that you have during such moments?

Answer: I do not sit in the basement. For me, the whole world is the revelation of the Creator in both good and bad states. I enjoy all His revelations because He is one and there is nothing other than Him.

It is a state worth living for. It is the feeling of eternity and wholeness, and although a person is not perfect, it is revealed to him.

Question: Is everything that surrounds you really the revelation of the Creator’s goodness?

Answer: Of course. It is like the tale of the rich man’s son. Even if it seemed to the son that his father treated him cruelly, everything was actually planned very carefully with the understanding human nature and the need to prepare his son for eternal and perfect reign in an eternal world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/31/19

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