Appreciating Spiritual Relationships

627.2In our world, it is very difficult to shift the emphasis, the goal, from the significance of the material to the significance of relations between people.

We definitely need to develop a sense of relationship, not to what is in the hands, not to material things, but to the correspondence between them, to their interaction, because the spiritual world begins with relationships, with interactions. It does not belong to anything material.

The material is everything that seems to us in our egoism. When our relationships turn into bestowal and a person gradually enters this property, tries to push off from himself and be in bestowal, not connected to himself, then the spiritual world begins.

Comments: Still something is missing here because it is important to people how others treat them. They are even ready to give their lives to be respected.

Answer: But only until the moment when a person begins to value spiritual relationships.

Question: It is important how I treat others, not how they treat me?

Answer: Yes. How they treat me I understand: to the extent that others agree with me or disagree, to the extent that they benefit from the fact that I exist, or vice versa.

And how I treat others is up to me.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/25/21

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