Voluntary Development

527.03A person’s spiritual development should be in accordance with his desire, in joy. He should feel that even the efforts he makes against his will should bring him joy.

Question: But it is not natural, is it?

Answer: A rock climber who climbs a mountain and suffers, is it suffering or joy?

Question: But he does it willingly, right?

Answer: Here too one does so willingly. No one can force you. Let us say a mother can bring a child to some group, as I was taken to a music school so that I could study there.

But in Kabbalah this is impossible. If a person does not want to, if he does not have internal impulses, if he does not feel that he must bring himself into this team, then nothing will come of it.

Question: Can the Creator force us to reveal Him?

Answer: No. Not in any way. He can induce us to do this through some external conditions, and He does.

Question: Isn’t this called forcing?

Answer: Of course, it is forcing. But this is not in Kabbalah. This is generally all over the world, in everything in our lives.

A person engages in order to get out of being forced, to correctly understand the conditions of the Creator and creation, to take up this task upon himself and participate in it consciously and willingly.

Once he acquires the forces and goals of nature and makes them his own, then it is no longer forced.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”

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