Reform—Inside The Person

568.01Question: Should our children already exist at a new, spiritual stage?

Answer: In principle, yes. But we lost our generation, we didn’t make it in time.

Question: What does “lost our generation” mean? You said that a person in this generation has not yet had internal requests.

Answer: There were such requests, but we ignored them. We felt that we should suppress them or implement them in some other way. We created all kinds of toys for ourselves: television, fashion, public opinion, all kinds of computer things. This, of course, can’t take us to the next level.

Question: So man developed all the means in order to adapt them to life in this world?

Answer: Not only. After all, the spiritual world is also in our world. The person just didn’t want to change. He did not want to understand that he had to change, not the technology around him.

And now, having changed all the technology, we are finally beginning to realize that it has brought us nothing, that the huge global crisis in all areas is pressing on us, and that health problems, ecology and everything that threatens us, all require primary reforms.

Obviously, it should not take place in the outside world. I think we have already realized that we cannot cope with this in any way. This reform must be within us.

People don’t want to turn inward yet. But I hope that our activities to disseminate Kabbalah will still affect them and they will change. We cannot even imagine how the slightest movement toward our change, in cohesion and harmony with nature, will change absolutely the whole world, our children, us, and will give inner harmony in everything.

Comment: You sound so confident about it.

My Response: I just know this system that works in both worlds. This is not mysticism, but a clear control system. Therefore, I speak as a person who has been practicing Kabbalah for 35 years.

I see that many people come every day and will come to this, and in the end we will change our existence.

Kabbalah is given to change this world, not to fly away somewhere in your imagination. And then we will see our children happy and joyful, and not with Ritalin, depression, and drugs.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Depression in Children” 8/24/09

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