The Purpose Of Generational Change

294.4Question: What is the purpose of generational change from the point of view of the work on correcting egoism?

Answer: The purpose of generational change is to divide this huge burden into small parts between many people. This is written in The Book of ZoharIt tells a parable about how a great king who decided to move his capital from one place to another. But how to transport the royal treasury? He could not leave it to one man or an army to do it in case they were attacked.

Then he decided that he would give each of his many subjects one coin. Everyone would bring him this coin back because it is not worth it for a person to abuse the trust of the king and tarnish himself because of one small coin. Thus, his subjects moved the huge treasury to a new place, to a new capital.

This is how The Zohar speaks metaphorically about why we divide all the work between many billions of people, like a line that moves forward from generation to generation all the time. That is how we work.

Then the enormous work that we have to do is not so terrifying. Of course, it is difficult for each person, but it is surmountable. However, if we imagined that we could overcome all the egoism created by the Creator, rise above it, and connect with the upper force at its true spiritual degree, then each of us simply could not do it alone.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Generation” 8/24/09

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