A Long Way To Encounter With Kabbalah

527.06Question: It is known that when seventy translators were translating the Torah into Greek, there was a lot of confusion. Was it done on purpose?

Answer: Yes, this was done purposefully so that humanity would really get confused to the point that it will raise its hands and say: “That is it, we do not understand anything, we do not know anything, we do not know how to do anything. We have no future, we are disappointed in our own abilities, and we agree to listen.”

This went on for thousands of years. After all, the giving of the Torah took place 3,500 years ago. We are only approaching the state today where disappointment begins to manifest itself in humanity.

It slowly realizes that it is at a dead-end, that it cannot do anything, that it cannot raise itself. This state is the best because now we are finally beginning to listen to the source that is now being revealed in the world, to Kabbalah. It was hidden on purpose. And now, when it is opening up, we are ready to listen to what it says.

This is where contact between man and the method of spiritual elevation begins. All the preliminary stages, all the millennia that we have passed from generation to generation, were simply necessary.

We had to develop in this way in order to go through all these states in our desire to do something by ourselves, to recreate the world, to remake ourselves, to make all kinds of social, technical, and technological revolutions, and to be ready to accept what Kabbalah is saying.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” Part #12

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