Why Do We Not Feel Spiritual Processes In Ourselves?

525Question: Why does a person not understand that while reading The Book of Zohar, he is engaging with the greatest thing that exists in reality?

Answer: If a person was shown what was happening to him, he would not be able to relate to it correctly.

For example, if a child could understand why he is developing like this: running from corner to corner, touching, trying, breaking, crying, he would already be above the level he is on.

The fact is that spiritual development does not happen in the same way as in our world where we go to university and fill our voids with knowledge while studying. Here is the development of feelings and desires that we do not possess.

Under the influence of light, we develop completely new properties in ourselves, which we initially do not have. When we reach their definite development, these properties are born in us, and we begin to feel the upper world in them.

But until they have developed, we cannot see them, feel them, or understand them because there must be some threshold to which we must grow and acquire a minimum level of sensitivity.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #8

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