The Strange Process Of Birth

559Question: Even if I do not understand what is written in The Book of Zohar and yet I read it, will I be able to reveal the degree above me this way? This seems strange to a modern person.

Answer: Yes, it is strange. But, nevertheless, exactly this is the necessary condition for attainment.

Everything is strange in our world. What about childbirth? Isn’t this a strange process? We are just used to it and so we think: “That is how it is.” But in fact, how can this be?

Take some creature supposedly from a different world and show it what we have in our world: a lot of unknown, incomprehensible, strange phenomena that do not have a clear cause-and-effect development. We just got used to the fact that one thing comes after the other because that is how we discovered it, how we learned it. It is the same in spirituality.

Development always happens according to the law of negation of the negation. When an upper degree is born, it is born as an opposite to the previous one, out of negation, out of falling out from the previous degree, in spite of it. Therefore, it is always strange: the very process of birth in our world and even more so in the spiritual world.

On the other hand, it cannot be different because the ascent to the next degree is a change in the entire paradigm of existence, a change in the entire philosophy, methodology, and attitude to the world.

Therefore, to rise to the next degree means to be completely reborn. This happens only under the influence of the upper light.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #7

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