Is It Possible To Trigger An Epiphany?

222Question: Sometimes a complex problem stumps a person. You struggle with a solution, but there is no solution. But should you get distracted, and an epiphany falls on you, everything is suddenly solved. Scientists say that almost a third of people solve problems only with the help of an epiphany.

From the point of view of biology, an insight or epiphany is the formation of a new neural connection in the brain. You can’t create it directly, but somehow, with the help of effort, distraction, by creating certain conditions, it just appears, and in a person’s mind it appears as a solution.

Do you think it is possible to cause such an epiphany?

Answer: Yes. This can be done by moral and mental exertion, by placing yourself in a certain external environment with certain people or with nature.

A person who is searching for his new spiritual state needs this illumination. He understands that there are forces around us, and he would like to invoke their influence on himself. He tries to do it.

There are even all sorts of techniques, both spiritual and scientific, that talk about how to do it. Try it.

Comment: Even quantum physics says that a person moves unevenly, but progressively, from level to level. That is, there is a jump through the potential difference, and the person moves, rises.

My Response: There is a cumulative process, and then a jump.

Question: Can an epiphany be likened to such a jump?

Answer: Yes, but this is done on a different plane, not in the mind. Not that he can order an epiphany in advance, but he makes a certain effort to do so.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 2/16/21

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