Time Of Universal Correction

293Comment: Today, artificial intelligence is successfully developing that can be taught both ethical principles, philosophy, and even moral choice. But if the machines are programmed by a sadist, they will surpass any human atrocities. At the same time, they will not be tormented by conscience, they will flawlessly carry out any order.

My Response: But people too are not tormented by conscience. This does not necessarily require a machine. We do not know what programmers do to us through computers. Their goals are far from good.

Question: Where can this lead if a person continues to go this way in his natural development?

Answer: To the realization of the evil of our nature, which we need to correct.

If we do not correct ourselves, then we will constantly come across very painful, increasing internal, personal problems, from which we will not be able to hide. They say, this is the society, the state, the world, this is not me. If we do not deal with this immediately, then we will lead ourselves to death, and not immediately, but through great suffering.

Any problems will affect each of us more and more until we finally decide that we must correct our nature. Only this! Nothing else is needed. Our nature is the source of all our problems.

We should not think of all this as computerization, programmers, or the elite. We need to correct the nature of all mankind and of every human being.
From KabTV’s ”Challenges of the XXI century.Introduction” 4/24/19

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