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629.3Comment: Many young people feel confused in their minds. They are told that they are depressed, and they believe that they simply cannot deal with the world and they cannot figure out what to do with themselves next.

My Response: It depends on what to take for depression. Maybe it is the search for something special, higher, and the person is in some kind of expectation, perhaps in anticipation, in inner contemplation.

They say to him from the outside: “Why are you looking inside yourself? Get out. Look how interesting and good the world is.” But what he sees here is just noise and stench.

I think one should not be particularly impressed with the world by the way it reacts to us. Let the world be on its own and let the person be on his own. He just has to think seriously about his future, because today, now, in these years, he is deciding his future.

First of all, he must think concretely, pragmatically, soberly about what he will live on. It should be higher than a hobby, than perhaps some altruistic impulses, and all kinds of tendencies.

The main thing is to give young people a direction so that they have a specialty, thanks to which they will be able to earn money tomorrow. Moreover, a clear, demanded specialty.
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 17/13/18

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