How To Feel That You Are Needed?

198Question: Young people often ask:”Why doesn’t anybody need me?” At the same time, they have parents, a school, and money; they are well brought up and study well, but they experience an absolute feeling of emptiness as if no one cares about them.

Answer: It is not a false perception. Indeed, we are in a vacuum. And although there are billions of people around us, we cannot say that we feel their positive influence on us.

All the vibes that we receive from the world around us are either negative or emanate outright soullessness and indifference.

Question: And what to do? People feel absolutely unwanted despite the fact that they seem to be surrounded by quite a lot of attention and care. What can they do to feel they are needed?

Answer: But they do have some goal in life if they are talking about the meaning of life. They should feel that they are going straight toward it: one more small step, one more step, and they are moving.

Otherwise, these questions will arise and people will start hating themselves. But if man has a clear goal, he wants to reach it and every day approaches it, then he is inspired by his life, by his advancement, and he is happy that he exists.
From KabTV’s “Integral World “7/13/18

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