Pray For Strength

624.02Comment: You constantly ask your students to start writing articles, and tell us it will help us. Then I have a difficulty with having received directions from the teacher that I cannot fulfill. I have no desire to write.

My Response: This is natural. Because the teacher said so. If the teacher gives advice, it is a problem to fulfill it. Yet, precisely because of that, it is desirable to fulfill his advice.

Question: What if I do not have the strength?

Answer: Then you should pray to have strength.

Question: What is this feeling of great regret that there is an opportunity, and suddenly something fetters me?

Answer: If my egoism pushes me to do this, then I can. However, if this is not egoism, but, for example, a teacher, then I cannot. That’s where you can see who’s at work here.

Question: What do you recommend?

Answer: To cry out that I cannot do anything because I obey only my egoism.

Question: Is it true. Moreover, the more I study, the more I realize that everything I do comes from egoism. However, we should not despair, right?

Answer: What does despair have to do with it? This is our nature. There should be no despair, in any case. On the contrary, we should be happy that the truth is revealed.

There must always be an independent expert point, outside of the body when I look at myself from the outside.
From KabTV’s”Teacher—Student” 2/7/19

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