How Can We Solve A Friend’s Problem?

530Question: How can we solve a friend’s problem?

Answer: There are problems that a friend can solve when connecting to the Creator. There are problems that friends get so that I will connect to the Creator and solve them. There are states that are felt as global problems, and I connect to the Creator and He solves them through me.

This means that everything is materialized through me, but it comes from the Creator. I am a short-circuit between the Creator and the friend, the group, or the whole world, and that is how we solve the problems.

This is the reason that all our thoughts should flow in the following direction: all the problems stem from the Creator, and we solve them only by connecting to Him. What is more, each one can do it for others.

When working in the ten, we will see that not a single person can correct himself, ascend, connect, or exit the bad state. It is said that only friends can free a person from prison. He can never do it by himself.

We will go through such states all the time, and although we do not feel it now, we will soon see that it is indeed so. So we just need to connect to each other. It is as it is written: “They Helped Every One His Friend” and not any other way.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/11/19

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