The Value Of The Book Of Zohar

531.01There is no other book besides The Book of Zohar that performs spiritual work on us. It takes us from the corporeal level to the spiritual level; it shows us its projection as if the upper world is getting revealed through our world illuminated by a powerful projector.

The Book of Zohar illustrates the difference between our world and the upper world. On one hand, as in the Torah, it gives us a picture of our world, and in parallel, describes the next, spiritual level, the world of forces, the world of qualities.

By shining through and superimposing the picture of our world on the spiritual world, you understand their correlation and what is really happening. In this way, you develop new qualities in yourself. It is when the root and its branch, that is, the spiritual world and our world, overlap each other and become one.

You enter both worlds simultaneously with your feelings, your attainments, with your entire life, and you break away from earthly limitations, even to the point that when your body dies, you continue to exist because your animalistic body no longer has anything to do with spirituality.

This is what a person should achieve. The most important point that Kabbalah gives us is to exit the animalistic degree, rise above the point of death, and reach the spiritual degree, which is infinite and everlasting, while in this life.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #7

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