The Screen Between Us And The Creator

522.03Question: What is the difference between The Book of Zohar and the Torah?

Answer: The Book of Zohar is a commentary on the Five Books of the Torah. It comments on each passage and explains what is hidden behind the allegories and behind the everyday language in which the Torah is written.

It seems to us that the Torah tells about history, geography, and certain earthly incidents. And The Book of Zohar raises all this to the next level and speaks of those forces that descend into our world and form everything spiritual.

Through the picture of our world, through the earthly description, together with The Zohar, you seem to enter a spiritual state and start to see not a world of physical images but of higher forces.

You begin to live in it as in a spiritual matrix that influences you and you influence it. You tear yourself away from your body, bare your inner properties and forces, abstract from everything you feel with your five corporeal senses (vision, hearing, taste, smell, and touch), and bind yourself only with your soul.

All properties, forces, desires, thoughts, and intentions that remain with you after you cut off everything earthly from yourself begin to contact the forces that The Book of Zohar describes. It explains to you how you can now put yourself in order as if “combing” yourself inside your soul.

How can you create a new order in you every time: new occurrences, new shifts, connections, combinations of different properties, thoughts, intentions in order to understand more deeply with whom you are dealing.

As a result, it turns out that the soul, which now manifests itself in you in isolation from everything earthly, in the form of your inner forces, begins to draw to you the qualities of the Creator. But they are also your qualities; they are portrayed on you.

It turns out that on one side there is you, on the other side is the Creator, and there is a screen between you upon which your joint properties are depicted. These joint properties can change depending on how you change.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #7

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