The Torah—A List Of The Laws Of Nature

137Question: There is a lot of controversy around the date of writing of the Torah and its authorship and there are several approaches to this issue: religious, academic, and Kabbalistic.

The religious approach explains everything very simply: The Creator Himself, God Himself gave people the Torah through Moses. According to the academic approach, there was no way out of Egypt at all, up to the fact that the Torah was written in the 6th century BC and was written over hundreds of years.

It is interesting that The Book of Zohar says: “When the Creator wished to create the world, and this was manifested in a desire before Him, He looked into the Torah and created it.” This means that the Torah existed even before the creation of the world.

What does Kabbalah say about this? What is the Torah and who wrote it?

Answer: Indeed, there are completely different definitions of what the Torah is. I adhere to a clear generally accepted approach of the Halacha [the totality of laws and ordinances that have evolved since biblical times to regulate religious observances and the daily life and conduct of the Jewish people] to everything that concerns the writing of not only the Torah, but also the Tanakh, Talmud, and other sources.

The only difference from the point of view of Kabbalah is that the Torah is a list of the laws of nature. It is just that it is described in this form, in the application to a person. But in principle, these are the laws of nature.

Therefore, people who are in the comprehension of the Creator fulfill these laws because they feel them in themselves. They have changed themselves internally, for them, these laws are the laws of their life, behavior, adaptation to the world, and perception of the world.

Moreover, the Torah for them is not a book that you can leaf through, read, do something from what is written in it, and somehow act, but the law according to which they exist internally because it talks about how they can completely coincide with nature. Nature or the Creator is one and the same.

This is the law of communication between people and between man and nature or the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/3/19

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