The Transition From A Narrow Circle To The Wide World

214If I am not included in the ten, I cannot effectively impact the world and lead it to correction, because without the ten it is impossible to attract the light that reforms. Alone, I can only transmit theoretical knowledge to the world.

But in any case, it is worth starting to disseminate. If a person has a spiritual spark and is connected to the Bnei Baruch world group, then through it, he will receive the light and will be able to influence the outside world through himself.

Dissemination is when I turn into a channel through which the upper light can reach the uncorrected desires and influence them. If we speak in the ten about our desire to unite, then we connect with each other and through this unity, on one hand, we connect to the Creator, and on the other hand, we connect with the outside world, by wanting to connect one with the other.

This connection is not carried out by explaining the method of correction to people. We simply speak about connection, unity, the future of the world, the purpose of creation, and how it helps us in life and gives answers about the purpose of our existence.

The main thing is to understand that our goal is to correct the Kli of Adam HaRishon, to return it to its perfect state. And that is why the dissemination of Kabbalah is so important today. After all, we have come to what is  called the last generation, that is, the last, general correction. We are right at the transition point from the wisdom of Kabbalah being implemented within a small group, a ten, to the widespread distribution of Kabbalah in the masses, covering the whole world.

This is facilitated by the general state of the world due to the global coronavirus pandemic and other cataclysms in which the world will be drawn more and more. The world will have to go through a very difficult process and experience many unpleasant states. When the upper light approaches us according to the natural course of time and a predetermined program of development, and we are not ready for it, then its approach brings us troubles and problems.

If we are ready for it, then the light will advance us in a good and pleasant way. Therefore, the next decade can be good or bad depending on how much we unite together and connect with the upper light in order to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah through us, that is, to become a channel through which the upper light will affect the entire population of the earth.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/25/21, “The Importance of Disseminating Kabbalah”

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