Fjords Of The Soul

933Pursuing the Shechina means pursuing the state our common soul was in before the shattering of Adam HaRishon. We were all united as one soul, filled with the upper light, the presence of the Creator.

But we could not hold on to our connection because a personal desire appeared in each of us, the connection disintegrated, and the light, the presence of the Creator departed from us. This means that the Shechina departed.

We are left with only a tiny glow, with a faint spark of life, the minimum measure of upper light given to us to sustain life so that we can return to the perfect state we were in. But you can return there only through your own efforts, thanks to your own request, prayer, and efforts to unite.

Any steps toward connection, even physical ones, are important because they bring us closer to inner connection. As a result, we will return to the previous state and the presence of the Creator, called Shechina, will fill us. All the gaps and cracks between us will be filled with the presence of the Creator.

Therefore, every time we feel distant from each other, we must imagine how the Creator can fill these gaps. We do not need to come together in such a way as to eliminate all the cracks between us, but we need the Creator to fill all these empty gaps like water fills the gorge between the mountains and forms fjords.

So, to the extent of our annulment, the rejection of egoism, the upper light will fill the whole space between our peaks and connect us together. Then we will feel that we are truly one. But we are not connected to each other directly, only through the Creator who is between us. We strive to reach this state as one man with one heart.

We do not need to go back to the old state, to the same one heart. This must be the heart in which the Creator fills all the voids, the whole space between us.

We will feel this separation more and more. More and more differences and disagreements of all kinds will be revealed between us. We do not cancel them, but want to fill them with the Shechina, the Creator. Therefore, all our work consists of pursuing the Shechina, the presence of the Creator who binds us.

We are not able to unite as one man with one heart, but the Creator can enter between us and unite us. Without the presence of the Creator and the connection between us, we feel ourselves in exile. We come out of exile if the Creator is revealed between us and we connect with each other through Him.

The Creator is revealed only as a connection between us; it is impossible to connect unless the Creator fills all the gaps between us and connects us. If we are so different and distant from each other, then only the upper force can connect us, equalize us, and establish the contact between us.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/4/21, “Chasing the Shechina

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