Find The Formula Of Equilibrium

546.02Question: How should a person use his desires?

Answer: A person must understand that he applies his desires in their original egoistic form incorrectly. They are inherent in him by nature, but how to use them correctly, this he must learn.

In nature, everything is built on balance, on harmony. Everyone consumes exactly as much as they need according to the formula of balance.

If I find this formula, I will know what and how much I need to use and how I can optimally fulfill my desires.

Moreover, I will not learn from the surrounding society to chase after some kind of airy virtual values in which there is absolutely nothing valuable, but because society values them and believes that they bare fashionable, I must kill myself to achieve the same level of fashion.

When I know that I need to compare myself not with the trendsetters of fashion and other values, but I need to learn from nature what I should correspond to, then I will reach the best, most optimal, most beautiful level of existence.

In principle, we are already beginning to feel this subconsciously.

Question: But how is this possible?

Answer: Only if we discover nature and find out where these values, these laws, are in it, how we can get in touch with it and receive only good signals from it.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Marriage Contract” 8/19/09

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