Everyone Has Their Own Soul

514.02Question: Based on what do you think that is necessary to change schools and the approach to education?

Answer: I proceed from Kabbalah. My basis is Kabbalah. I see the ongoing process and its next stage also, I understand their purpose. Therefore, if we do something with violence, then everything will turn out bad for us. We have no right to do this to our children!

I personally left regular school and attended evening school for the last few years. Also, at university for the last two years I attended evening classes, not the daytime.

So, I was free. I could not bear that pressure! I never put pressure on my children.

My eldest daughter, who attended a religious school, said in the eighth grade that she wanted to be a geneticist. I agreed for her to go to a regular school. She graduated from it, received a diploma, and entered university. She is now in charge of the genetics laboratory at the Tel HaShomer hospital in Israel.

My second daughter graduated from school with a design bias. I remember the beautiful medieval dresses she sewed for her exam. Then, literally in the last year of school, she became interested in Kabbalah. Without my intervention. She entered Tel Aviv University’s Department of Philosophy and Kabbalah.

That is, I let the children develop as they wished. You cannot put pressure on children! It is said: “Raise the youth along his path.”(Prov 22:6). Each has his own soul. How can I push?!

Question: But did this come to you after you began to study Kabbalah?

Answer: If I had not studied Kabbalah, none of this would have happened, of course.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Depression in Children” 8/24/09

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